Lifework Discovery Course

Two old men are sitting on the porch, one is an optimist and the other is a pessimist. The pessimist says, “Prices on everything are going higher and higher, my health is getting worse and worse, things are so bad they cannot possibly get any worse!”, to which the optimist happily replies, “Yes they can! Yes they can!“

Does this remind you of someone you know?

Is the “Murphy’s Law” the only law that exists and works without fail in your life?

● Who is this course for?

❖ Someone who believes that certain aspects of their life can be improved, whether it is the financial situation, a relationship with a loved one, or receiving the recognition that they deserve.

❖ Someone who is trying to find themselves or searching for the meaning of life.

❖ Someone who has read self-­help books or taken courses, but did not get expected results.

❖ Someone who is struggling to fall asleep due to stressful and disruptive thoughts.

● How is this course different from every other self­-help course on the market?

❖ You already have all the skills and talents that you need to succeed. In most cases the problem is not what you don’t know, but not applying what you already know.

❖ This course will guide you in the direction that you need to go in order to succeed and eliminate the small things that you do on a daily basis that sabotage your ability to live a joyful and fulfilling life.

❖ This course is not based on other people’s success, but on your own life experiences.

❖ This is a two­ month course that you will be involved in on a daily basis, while

implementing the skills that you already possess to vastly improve the quality of your life and elevate it to the heights that you cannot even imagine!

● Sounds expensive, how much does it cost?

You bet it is. Frankly, we believe that this course is priceless! But here is the great news: this course is offered on a donation basis only. It means that it will cost whatever you think it is worth to you and not a penny more. In fact, if at the end of the course you do not think that it is worth a penny, that is absolutely fine because we want you to get the maximum value from your time.

What is your excuse Now?

– Lifework Foundation Team


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