Why do we fight for misery?

Almost every day someone comes to me with a personal problem – be it a money issue, family or relationship trouble, or any other. After spending some time together and identifying where the pain came from as well as how to fix it, they go back to where they came from – to face the same issues and without any efforts on their part to apply the solution to the problem that we uncovered.

Why do we hold on to our problems instead of taking the decisive steps to improve the situation?

Are we addicted to pain and misery so much that if – God forbid! – it gets fixed, it will bring us even more pain? Are we so lazy to do anything that is good for us? At the same time, we happily do things that are bad for us, even though it requires the same amount of effort… Even my oldest students, who work very hard at being positive and improving their life, turn negative in the face of adversity and go back to their old personality patterns…

– Lifework Foundation Team


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