How can I stay aware?

Being aware, or present, as we call it is the hardest thing to do. Some people manage to do it for a few minutes a day, while others can do it for a few hours a day – yet no one can do it all day, all the time.
What do I mean by being present? It is being in a fully aware state of mind with no thoughts of any kind and at the same time being aware of all of your five senses. In the aware state you have the opportunity to enjoy your life to the fullest and experience true love.
What are the enemies of awareness? YOU!!!
Your thoughts drive you away from the peace of mind, so when starting a conversation on any subject, try to talk as little as you can. However, the instincts that send you into the angry or irrational state are by far the worst enemy of awareness! There is no way to be happy and enjoy life when you are angry or irritated. Not only do these emotions get you away from the state of love, they also cause you a great deal of stress that can turn into a full-blown disease like hypertension, which may also lead to a stroke or a heart attack.
One of the secrets to staying happy is to stay away from negative emotions, talk less, and love more.
– Lifework Foundation Team

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