What’s love got to do with it?

I assume that you understood the meaning of love and are now the expert at applying love to whatever you decide to do in life.

We call it lifework – so what’s love got to do with lifework or any other activity in which we generate income or just have fun? The answer is: everything! True happiness or the meaning of life is to be in a state of love as much as you possibly can.

As the lifework course explains, the absence of love is pain, regardless of whether it is a part of something or not. For example, if you lose a person you love and it causes you pain, it does not matter whether that person is alive or dead…

Loss of loved person, a pet, a job, or even a car will inevitably cause you pain. The solution is to love the moment of being without attachment to any material object. That way you will stay happy for as long as you can keep the feeling of love in the moment without any conditions or attachments. If you apply this principle in your life, you will become the happiest person you know!
– Lifework Foundation Team

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