What is Mindfulness?

One of the new and very popular words in today’s self-help era is mindfulness. Mindfulness is the awareness of what is going on in your mind and around you at the present time.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

Believe it or not, there a lot more benefits than one can imagine. Let me start with the most important ones:

  1. Huge benefit to your health – you can monitor your stress levels and other negative emotions that can cause a number of fatal diseases.
  2. Wealth potential – you can have a lot more control over your thoughts and emotions, which can be beneficial to your lifework with regard to business transactions, as well as negotiations.
  3. Relationship with your family and friends – you can be a lot more patient and understanding in terms of where people are coming from.

I named only three, but in reality there is an unlimited number of benefits. Try it for a day and see for yourself!

– Lifework Foundation Team

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