Balance your life

I am sure you’ve heard this more times than you care to count: balance your books, or income-to-expenses ratio, balance your time so you can achieve your goals, etc.

In this post I want to talk about the law of balance that, if neglected, has the potential to destroy your life. Your brain is responsible for your body’s balance when you walk, so you can walk on your own two feet without falling side to side or forward and backward. Life balance is just as necessary: if you leave any parts of your life unbalanced, the same thing will happen as with physical balance. You will fall face down and cause pain and suffering to yourself and people surrounding you.

Here are a few examples to make sense out of the craziness I wrote above:

1. If you neglect your friends or family, who give you their life and time, and fail to repay them with the same amount of effort, sooner or later they will stop loving you and will go away.

2. If you are in a business relationship where one partner provides more input and contributes more effort than the other, the balance will get disrupted and tension will arise.

3. If you start using your friend because he/she has the ability to get you something for free or at a low cost, eventually that friend will want you to repay the favor, and if you don’t, the relationship will go sideways as well.

I have a rule to make sure that the balance is established at the time of exchange, so I won’t have to deal with the consequences and lose a good friend, or even worse – the only child…

– Lifework Foundation Team


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