Love Your Lifework

Discovering your lifework all begins with an idea from your childhood, and not just an idea but also a passion driving it.

Love is an essential component of lifework. Love will drive you to absolute excellence, to create an exceptional value of your lifework, which is a lot more than just “good.”

Love will keep you going during the hard times and the uncertain times.

Love also ensures a happy long-term relationship with your lifework. If you do it with love, the things you create will stick around for a long time. If you choose something that excites you, the product of your lifework will likely be something that you’ll want to wake up to day in and day out.

Some lucky people are born knowing what their lifework is. The rest of us have to discover it. The lifework course will guide you down the path of uncovering what it is that truly gets you going, and set you on the path of using that energy to shape the idea into your one and only lifework.

– Lifework Foundation Team


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