How should I organize my time?

Even if you’re well organized, there is only a certain amount of time available in each day. Time cannot change. Even the most creative and successful people can waste enormous amounts of time, so it is important to pinpoint the areas that require improvement.

The truth is, during any given day you can only spend your time in the following 3 states:

  1. Feeling joy
  2. Feeling pain
  3. Asleep (unconscious state)

It is important to identify how much time you spend in each of the above states. The vast majority of people spend most of their time sleepwalking through life (State 3). What this means is that even in their normal “awake” state, they are not consciously present in any of their thoughts, emotions, or actions and their lives basically run on autopilot. For many of our students, this is a stunning and sobering revelation. What’s even worse, during the short periods when people are truly conscious, they are experiencing some level of pain. When asked about the number of happy days in his entire life, Napoleon Bonaparte was only able to count 14. Most people in this world cannot even count that many and consider it to be “normal”! This sounds bad, but please understand that this seemingly desperate situation can be changed by altering your perception, which is one of the major benefits of taking this course.

– Lifework Foundation Team


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