What causes us to enter the sleep state?

Unfortunately, being asleep is the default modus operandi of the human psyche, which causes people to sleepwalk through life. The sad reality is that most people continue to live and function in sleep mode without even realizing it. In this semi-unconscious state, they become victims of circumstance and miss out on opportunities to build healthy relationships and create prosperous living for themselves and for others. Instead, they become trapped in a state that causes enormous emotional and physical pain.
Be aware of the triggers that send you into deep sleep. These include any type of fear or negativity. Every negative reaction sends you deeper into sleep. When someone cuts you off in traffic and you grumble, you are already asleep. Routine and monotony have a hypnotic effect, which makes it extremely hard for a person to awaken. This is the reason why people with 9 to 5 jobs who follow the same schedule every day are asleep most of the time.

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