Lifework The Course

As we move along and deepen our understanding of conditioning and catching ourselves being asleep throughout the day, we should also start giving conscious attention to what it is we would like to achieve.

The main teaching of this Course is that only by discovering and doing your Lifework can you achieve long-lasting balance in life. Everything else will be nothing but a temporary band-aid and will eventually fall apart or leave you deeply dissatisfied with life. We’ll be getting deep into Lifework toward the end of the Course, but for now suffice it to say that Lifework is something that you are already doing, whether you know it or not.

Start thinking about all the things in your life that you would give your full attention to if money was no object. Just by stating your intent to discover your Lifework, you will be setting a powerful process in motion that will give you the answers and clarity you’re looking for by the end of the Course.


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