Can I use conditioning to my advantage in order to achieve success and have joy in my life?

Not everything about your conditioning is bad. There is a high chance that you received many positive inputs throughout your life as part of your overall conditioning. In fact, one of these patterns probably brought you to this class, so you should keep on cultivating them.

Conditioning is nothing more than a set of beliefs that have been hammered into our brain by repetition over the years. It consists of hundreds or even thousands of different beliefs that are meant to help you get from point A to point B in different areas of your life. Whether it is work, business, or personal relationship matters, as soon as you start acquiring new habits and gradually replacing old negative conditioning patterns with new positive ones, you will begin to experience unconditional joy. This is because most of the pain in your life is a product of your negatively conditioned mind that you have been feeding with your energy.

When it comes to negative conditioning, most people don’t realize they have it and when they do, they are reluctant to make any changes in order to get rid of it. It is all too easy to create and identity out of your conditioning and to simply say, “well, this is just the way I am”. We are not saying that you must get rid of your negative conditioning patterns overnight. This would be an impossible feat of mental discipline. What we do say, however, is that once you become aware of your unconscious behavior, your conditioning patterns will begin to unravel on their own. It is a very tangible and satisfying process, as you feel yourself becoming free of the parasitic belief systems that have been sapping your life energy for many years.


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