So Where is The Money?

Whenever we talk to potential students about the course, there is one question that keeps popping up more than any other: “So where is the money in Lifework?” Most people are conditioned to think that doing what you love just doesn’t pay. We are so hardwired to think that only years of hard, monotonous work can yield significant financial benefits, that it becomes virtually impossible for the mind to accept any other theory. There have been a number of studies conducted over the years about how long it takes to reach mastery in any particular field and the consensus is around 10,000 hours or roughly 10 years.

Now, if you are like me, you don’t have 10 years to turn your life around and begin doing what you love, especially when you don’t see any money in it. What a frustrating situation to be in! Well, one thing that these studies did not take into consideration is the fact that it takes a lot less than 10,000 hours to reach mastery in something that you have a natural talent or affinity for. Hence, the idea of Lifework. If you have a crystal-clear vision of what your Lifework is and have a rock-solid plan on how to execute it, the energy of your LOVE closes the gap and compensates for the lack of mastery.

So NO, it will not take you 10,000 hours to become an expert in your field, as long as it is truly your Lifework. People cannot comprehend how we are able to offer the Lifework Course FREE of charge, but that’s because they are too caught up in the conventional way of thinking that just doesn’t serve them anymore. Talk to us, invest 2 months of your time, take the Course and judge for yourself what it means to finally be free of pain and live the life you are meant to live!

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4 thoughts on “So Where is The Money?

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in your course and will look into it. I hope that you will take this email in the helpful spirit in which it is offered. I know that I am always appreciative when friends point these things out to me in a kind way. There is a grammatical error in this email that you may have overlooked when proofreading. It is in this sentence:

    > > There has been a number of studies conducted over the years about how long it takes to reach mastery in any particular field… > > It should read: There have been a number of studies… >

    This is because your subject is “studies” not “a number.” “A number” simply describes the studies and could be removed from the sentence without affecting the meaning. “There have been studies.”

    Sorry to go into such detail, you probably didn’t need it. I just wanted to make sure I explained. I am not normally a grammar nazi, but it did stand out to me.

    You are doing something good. I want people to look deeper and not stop reading because of one little mistake. Even the best of writers make mistakes, but not everyone is forgiving of others. They are probably the very people who could use your course the most.😊 Love and peace to you!



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    1. Thank you, Angie! Funny, as I was writing the article, this particular part of the sentence stood out, but I just brushed it off. While I’m not a professional writer, I do have an MBA, so I’ll try to do better in the future – I’m usually pretty good at catching these 🙂 We are currently accepting people into our online course and would love to have you as one of our students. The course will commence as soon as we have at least 10 people (we currently have 4). If you know anyone who you think might benefit from the course, I would love to talk to them!

      Much love,


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  2. This seems like a course that would come in handy for me. Would love to see how much of time it would need from me. Am reading this from the app so I can’t get to the website. But will visit and read more.


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