Should we have an ego?

Many books about the ego portray it as some kind of enemy that must be destroyed. Do not make this mistake, otherwise it will cost you dearly! We absolutely need the ego in order to function in this world and to balance all aspects of our existence. If you only practice detachment and altruism, your life will become severely unbalanced and you will end up paying a heavy price in the later stages of your life.

The healthy ego, which is free of the virus, is your best friend and your custom-designed vehicle that will take you toward your goal in the shortest amount of time. You owe it to yourself to take a complete inventory of all your egoism desires, as well as the unique gifts and talents and thank the ego every day for bringing these amazing qualities into your life. If you want to live in a house, drive a brand new sports car and travel the world, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having these desires fulfilled, as long as you don’t create suffering for yourself and for others.

By taking the inventory of your desires and treating the ego as your friend, you are setting in motion incredibly powerful subconscious processes that will bring wisdom and show you how to obtain these things in your life with the least amount of energy and in the shortest amount of time.

– Paragraph out of a “Understanding The Ego” Discourse 8 of a Lifework Course

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