What is tolerance and why is it important?

Tolerance is the ability or willingness to tolerate something that you do not agree with. Conversely, lack of tolerance is what keeps us in a negative sleeping state and causes all sorts of pain in our lives. We need to understand and practice tolerance on a daily basis in order to live joyful and fulfilling lives.

Intolerance is one of the main sources of inner conflict, which manifests as resentment of your ego toward someone or something. It can last a second or a lifetime and cost you everything and anything you can imagine – a job, a marriage, health, and even your life.

This is worth repeating again: if you don’t practice tolerance, you will live your life in a state of sleep and pain. Every time you react unconsciously to something that someone said or did based on your instinct or conditioning, you are demonstrating a lack of tolerance. Once you begin to practice awareness, you will automatically become more tolerant and be able to keep your ego under control. Be mindful and observe any verbal or nonverbal resentment or disagreement with other people or external events – these are the signs of intolerance.

– Paragraph out of a “Tolerance” Discourse 9 of a Lifework Master Course

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7 thoughts on “What is tolerance and why is it important?

  1. Totally agree! The issue is that most people don’t see it as a problem until it is too late. When working with our clients, we can spot these manifestations early and provide solutions to make sure that instead of sending them into even deeper sleep, they begin to function as cues to awaken in that moment and quickly substitute intolerance with love!


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