Should I tolerate everything, including physical abuse?

Being tolerant doesn’t mean you need to take physical abuse.

When we talk about tolerance, we are referring to the ego as opposed to the physical body. In other words, you can tolerate psychological but not physical abuse. If someone humiliates you and threatens your sense of self-worth, it would be prudent not to react negatively. Instead of starting a war, you can simply ignore the person and pretend like they don’t exist.

However, if someone threatens your physical well-being or the well-being of your family, you will react with the appropriate force. Even certain martial arts, such as Aikido, are practiced out of tolerance.

The important thing to understand is that if you do not practice tolerance, you will continue to feed the ego and will sooner or later pay the price. Also, your tolerance must be genuine. You cannot pretend to be tolerant, but continue to boil inside. As you practice tolerance, you will soon notice that you no longer attract physical or psychological abuse into your life.

– Paragraph out of a “Tolerance” Discourse 9 of a Lifework Master Course

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3 thoughts on “Should I tolerate everything, including physical abuse?

  1. It is the idea of surrender that contains within itself the sacred meaning of blissful being. While simple to understand, it is the hardest thing to implement. Many of our clients understand tolerance, but only a few have been able to truly master it.


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