Benefits and Disadvantages of the Ego

Alex Moses 101

  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of the ego?

While many books on the subject of ego paint it in a negative light, the reality is that there are also many positive aspects, such as your unique abilities and personal desires. For example, you may want to achieve goals or enjoy certain things in life, like buying a house, traveling, or finding a new relationship. These are all perfectly healthy and normal, as long as they don’t cause any suffering.

The negative aspects of the ego are based in fear. The ego is always afraid of death, so it comes up with a million ways to perpetuate itself. Since in our “normal” unaware state we are completely identified with the ego, our consciousness becomes filled with fear and negativity. There are six basic fears and these will be addressed in the following discourses. For now, just remember that these fears…

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