Succeed by Learning to Speak Your Mind to An Audience

From Alex Moses With Love

Most of us would rather dig a ditch than give a speech.
But the people who get ahead are those who know how to motivate others in public speaking forums.
The next time you’re offered the chance to make a presentation, say Yes!–and follow this advice:
Learn about your audience. Who will be listening? What’s important to them?

If you’re following other speakers, find out who they are and get an idea of what they’re going to talk about so you can fit your remarks into the right context.

Know your material. Don’t wing it with a few notes on a single 3×5 card. Do enough research to understand your topic and anticipate the questions you’re likely to be asked. Prepare an outline, if not a whole speech, and follow it as you talk.

Set a clear goal. Audiences rarely enjoy vague, wishy-washy speeches. Decide what you want your main…

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