Everyone wants to experience positive states, but experiences negative states. TGL #15.

Alex Moses

Every human being that happens to be in a sleep of consciousness desires to escape negative states, and to receive as many positive states as possible. Most likely you think that you need to get rid of negative states too. But what happens when you do so?

The main error of «seekers of positive states» is that they count on getting rid of the negative states, while keeping the positive. However, reinforcing the positive, you also have more negative as a result; and getting rid of the negative, you also lose the positive.

In reality, the positive and the negative are two sides of one coin. Strengthening the positive side of this coin, you automatically reinforce the negative side. Trying to get rid of the negative, you automatically get rid of the positive. Without the negative, there is no positive. That’s what we are going to discuss today.

Everyone wants…

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