Good Girl—Bad Girl. TGL #20

Alex Moses

The presence of a notion of bad that everyone denies in himself, and the presence of a notion of good that everyone strives for, does not allow us to see ourselves holistically.

How do you find out that something is good? You can only find something to be good in comparison with something that is called bad. Without bad, there is not going to be any good. Good and bad are unified and inseparable from each other as two sides of one coin.

Try to cut down a river. It’s impossible. But that is what a human being does all the time insisting that one is good, and another is bad. Investigation of the duality cannot be carried out only on one, so-called «good» side of your personal polarity. The other, so-called «bad» side, has to be present.

If you are used to being bad, you have to try what…

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