Good Girl—Bad Girl. TGL #20

Alex Moses

The presence of a notion of bad that everyone denies in himself, and the presence of a notion of good that everyone strives for, does not allow us to see ourselves holistically.

How do you find out that something is good? You can only find something to be good in comparison with something that is called bad. Without bad, there is not going to be any good. Good and bad are unified and inseparable from each other as two sides of one coin.

Try to cut down a river. It’s impossible. But that is what a human being does all the time insisting that one is good, and another is bad. Investigation of the duality cannot be carried out only on one, so-called «good» side of your personal polarity. The other, so-called «bad» side, has to be present.

If you are used to being bad, you have to try what…

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Easy Ways to Have a More Positive Outlook in Life

Alex Moses

There will be a point in our life when everything will feel so wrong. Like everyone around your does not understand what you are going through. They will think that you are making a fool out of yourself. That what you are feeling right now is not worth the fuss that you are doing. During the lowest point in your life, what you need to think is that you will get over this soon and that this is just a challenge that was given to you and that you are capable of facing it. The internet is the place where you can seek help; you can look for self-help articles, online real psychic mediums and even blogs where the writers would impart their pieces of advice when they were on the same situation as you.

We did a list that you can follow if you will be in this situation…

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Disease is a result of your accusation of yourself. TGL 17

Alex Moses

Our body works on energy. During the fight between the opposite parts of the personality, some of this energy is lost. That shortage of energy leads to diseases. Every organ of our body is functional, i.e. it performs a certain function. Our accusation of a certain function leads to development of a disease in a particular organ.

Are you ready to have your attention enter the diseased part of your body? Are you ready to meet what you fight? Are you ready to relate to your internal enemy with love? If yes, the old situation will open itself up. It will allow you to see it in a different light, and in the process the energy that was stuck there will be released.

The secret of healing is simple. You need to allow yourself to experience what you did not allow yourself to experience, considering it to be unacceptable and…

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